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Fairy Gardens - by Debbie's Designs


What Are Fairy Gardens?

Fairy Gardens are miniature landscapes created using small-scale plants and accessories. These little scenes create a sense of magic and whimsy, and are essential for attracting those little elusive fairies to your home and garden.

 Each garden is unique these photos are to give some ideas on what the gardens look like.The exact garden you see may not be available.

Fairy Garden 6 [DDFG6]
Fairy Garden 7 [DDFG7]
fairy garden 10 [DDFG10]

fairy garden 11 [DDFG11]
Fairy Garden 12 [DDFG12]
Fairy Garden Display [album 9]

fairy garden supplies [album 10]
Fairy Garden 3 [DDFG3]
fairy garden 4 [DDFG4]

Fairy Garden 1 [DDFG1]
fairy garden 2 [DDFG2]

Fairy Garden Folklore

Common Celtic belief is that fairies were driven away by humans to live in the other world. However, many fairies have chosen to stay among us. They wear flowers for clothes which makes them hard to find. They are said to have magical powers, are very shy, and tend to be a little mischievous. Fairies like to play tricks; they move things around in the garden and hide things just for their own amusement! They love to dance and if you look closely, you may see them dancing in the dark with the fireflies. While they make their homes in the holes of trees, fallen logs, and mossy hillsides, they are never ones to turn down a ready-made home. Fairies would rather play than work; a fairy house and a garden is always appreciated.